Organic Compost


Custom blend of yard and food residuals


lawn_veg_tree_certified_centerSince 2009, our family has been perfecting our proprietary composting techniques, turning nutritious food and yard residuals into the Blue Ribbon Organic Compost southeastern Wisconsin knows and loves. Recycled and processed at our local DNR-permitted facility, these natural materials become our plant-loving, easy-to-handle mix. With food residuals as a key ingredient in our finished product, we achieve a rich nitrogen blend derived from all natural materials –nothing more, nothing less.

After months of turning the compost with care, monitoring windrow temperatures, maintaining moisture, and taking all the necessary steps to create a quality and safe finished product, we are ready to help jump-start your vegetables, fruit trees, and shrubs…top-dress sections of your lawn…or start your hardiest crop of seedlings yet!

Benefits of Organic Compost:

  • Regenerates soil by improving aeration, increasing water retention, buffering pH, and adding organic matter
  • Provides necessary nutrients and moisture when placed around the base of trees and plants
  • Adds key nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium
  • Meets US Composting Council “Seal of Approval” and Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) requirements to ensure not only a quality product but a safe one
  • Certified for organic production, vegetable and flower gardening, use around trees and shrubs, and lawn application.
  • Monitored for trace metals, unwanted pathogens, and compost maturity
  • Tested quarterly to ensure product is safe and free of weed seed

Thanks for keeping your food and soil source local –this is our best family recipe yet!

“99 out of 100 worms love Blue Ribbon Organic Compost, the other worm went fishing!”